Provision of Medication for Refugee Camps

n a coordination project, Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) and LDS Charities provided health facilities to the health centers in refugee camps in Erbil province.

During a project in the health sector, with the presence of the BCF and LDS Charities representatives, medication supplies provided for the health center in Darashakran refugee camp by BCF and LDS Charities, on July 4, 2019. The health center is managed by the health office of Erbil province.

Regarding the project, Mr. Ken B. Asay representative of LDS Charities mentioned, “We have a great relationship with BCF, we have many different coordination projects going on. We are currently celebrating the resit of some medical supplies for the refugees in Darashakran camp, this project will be continued and take place in Basirma, Kawrgosk, and Qushtapa refugee camps.”

Dr. Abbas, head of Health Sector at BCF appreciated the effective role of LDS Charities and said, “The medical supplies included dental supply and laboratory materials, it will provide the needs of the health center for one month.”

LDS Charities conducted many projects in collaboration with BCF, through the Disabled Care Sector of BCF, Wheelchair, Crutches, and Walker have been provided for the disabled persons.