wan, we all share your sorrow with you

On October 23, 2011, an earthquake Stuck the city of wan, Turkey which caused many civil people to fall under the walls and the house ceilings and died. consequently, hundreds were injured and sent to the hospital. many houses and buildings collapsed and a human catastrophe happened. the catastrophe affected the conscience of others and the whole media, meanwhile, the world broadcasted it. the death of these people, their displacement, and staying unsheltered saddened Kurdish people and raised their senses for help.

In an attempt to assist the affected people of Wan, BCF announced a campaign to collect ais and deliver it to the city of Wan and its surroundings. The campaign was month-long, during that time Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan reacted to that call for help by BCF, and they concerningly participated in that huge charity campaign, by buying construction equipment (Caravan), The local company owners and benefactors donated and amount of (85,285,000 $). The consumed amount was (949,200 $). The assistance included (400) caravans consisting of all the furniture provided by the BCF that were prepared for the victims of Wan, and each caravan’s size was (3x6m), it composed of these supplies, (two blankets, two mattresses, two curtains, a stove, a carpet, toilet, and bathroom).

In a short period of time, BCF became the main center for collecting aid for the victims of Wan, it was concerned to deliver the first convoy of aids to wan because the coldness of winter had worried those victims whose houses had collapsed. therefore, on Thursday, November 16, 2011, under the supervision of President Barzani, with the presence of Mr. Masrour Barzani the head of BCF’s board of founders, and the representatives of KRG and other countries, and benefactors in Erbil, the first phase of aid which included (200) caravans were sent to the city of Wan.