The Special Report of BCF’s Aid Provided in South Sudan

Continuing the International activities, the BCF in the recent months, in the end of 2020 and then 2021 with the continuing floods in South Sudan country, the BCF has provided some small boats dedicated to transporting medical equipment and needs between the islands of South Sudan.  

For sure the people of South Sudan are living through difficult economic and natural circumstances, in several places of the country transportation is only by small boats. The BCF has done it’s works in South Sudan through working with (John Dau ) organization.

Concerning that, the president of that organization who is himself a survivor of the continuing wars in Sudan Mr.John Dau said : I want to express my great gratitude to the BCF for their assistance has helped in saving the lives of many people and they have helped in transporting medical equipment and needs from one island to another. These boats are also used for transporting the sick people that can’t reach our bases through land. It’s necessary for the world to be grateful to the BCF’s aid that they have provided to the people of South Sudan and the John Dau organization.

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