Quarantine and Isolation Area Project Manager

Place of Work: Hasan Sham Camp-Erbil

Working Hours: 08:30 am to 04:00 pm

Published Date: 09-02-2021

Deadline Date: 12-02-2021


Duties & Responsibilities: (project manager):

· Direct or control prevention programs in specialized areas such as aerospace, work-related, infectious disease, and environmental medicine.

· Assess the effectiveness of recommended risk reduction actions or other interventions.

· Recognize groups at threat for specific preventable diseases.

· Prepare precautionary health reports which include problem explanations, analyses, alternate solutions, and suggestions.

· Deliver details about potential health risks and possible treatments to the public, other health care experts, or local, state, and national health regulators.

· Manage or coordinate the work of doctors, nurses, statisticians, or other staff members.

· Educate or train the medical team regarding precautionary medicine problems.

· Design, implement or assess health service delivery systems to enhance the health of specific communities.

· Supervising, monitoring the Q/I area in Hassan Sham U3, and supervising Health activities related to the implemented project.

· Ensure all Activities within the project goes smoothly and according to the Budget and Time table of the project.

· Ensures smooth daily operations and steady progress towards established goals.

· Interpret updated policies and procedures to staff.

· Establishes and maintains open and effective communication with all members of the staff.

· Coordinating with other NGO/INGOs and camp management and local authorities regarding the project.

· Monitoring (Pharmacy, Laboratory, Patient consultation, nursing …etc) and any other Medical services providing during the projects.

· Evaluate the process and outcome of the project.

· Identifies problems and communicates solutions to appropriate personnel and departments.

· Completes/delegates employee evaluations as needed

· Regularly meet with medical staff.

· Reporting to line manager on a regular basis.

· Documentation of all Formal Documents of the project

· Any other tasks/responsibilities requested by the line manager.


· He/she must have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the medical colleges (G.P Doctor, Dentistry, Pharmacy).

· Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic.

· Only those who live in the Erbil governorate will be Shortlisted because of transportation issues.

Note: Don’t apply if you are one of the followings

1. Student
2. Public Servant

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