Community Health worker

Job Title: Community Health Worker

Place of Work: Hasan Sham Camp U3-Erbil

Working Hours:08:30 am to 04:00 pm

Published Date: 15/02/2021

Deadline Date: 19/02/2021

No. of Jobs: 6

Salary: 480 $

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Regularly identify and document key achievements, best practices, lessons learned, and other information on an effective mechanism to provide PSS, and utilize the information for future planning and programming;
  • conducting the psychosocial support activities on three levels (beneficiary level) by visiting them and conducting PSS sessions, on (Family level of beneficiaries) by visiting the family and ensure them about their family members in the Q/I are, 3rd one will be on (camp resident level) by visiting tent to tent and conducting awareness campaigns and distribution of brochures about covid-19.
  • Identify gaps in PSS intervention or adequate referral pathways, and conduct joint advocacy to address these gaps;
  • Ensure coordination with other protection groups, working groups, and sub-clusters Develop a work plan based on this TOR;
  • Ensure effective referrals and coordination with the mental health Actors.
  • Enhance the participation of other clusters in the PSS working group;
  • Liaising daily with staff including other doctors, non-medical management staff, and healthcare professionals.
  • Promoting health education and awareness. 
  • Giving appropriate advice for healthy habits of psycho patients.
  • Collaborate with other physicians, physician assistants, and nurses to form a high performing quality work.
  • Coordination with GBV caseworker, medical staff, physician, and psychiatrist for any specific case.
  • Support the safe collection of PSS data if needed and when possible.
  • Data recording and Reporting to line manager on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Any other tasks/responsibilities requested by the line manager.


  • Fluency in the Arabic language.
  • Candidates with a scientific background in one of the medical departments will be prioritized.

Note: Don’t apply if you are one of the followings

1. Student
2. Public Servant