Job Vacancy – Camp Manager

Job Title: Camp Manager
Type of Contract: Fixed Term Contract
Working Hours: 08:30 am to 04:00 pm
Place of Work: DHK-Kabartu1 Camp-Duhok Office
Monthly Salary: 1,300 ,000 IQDs
Published Date: 21-08-2022
Deadline Date: 27-08-2022

Core Functions / Responsibilities

 • Managing all the camp under Camp Management Coordinator’s supervision through consulting and reporting to the Camp Management Coordinator regarding the camp management.

 • Providing feedback to the Camp Management Coordinator regarding the overall work plans and program implementations.

 • Plan and schedule daily events as needed and overseeing camp management activities in the camp.

 • Cooperate and involve Deputy Camp manager in his/her decisions and handing over the responsibilities in his/her absentees.

 • Overseeing all camp management activities in the camp.

 • Managing all staff members in the camp. Including; coaching, supporting, and creating work plans for the team, plus recruitment as needed.

 • Attending in all required meetings (CCCM working group, CCCM meetings, protection meetings and etc…).

 • Overseeing coordination among all actors in the camp, including UN agencies, international/national NGOs and other service providers and refugee/IDPs groups by leading and developing the existing coordination mechanisms.

 • Ensure gaps in assistance to beneficiaries are filled and avoid duplication of activities by conducting regular and systematic monitoring of service delivery in the camp and ensure all activities respected international standards.

 • Assisting all procurements and logistical arrangements related to the Camp, in collaboration with BCF procurement and logistics staff.

 • Managing/supporting any community services, youth activities, protection support and similar humanitarian programs that are undertaken in the camp.

 • Developing and applying a strong camp-wide communication strategy to ensure information is being effectively disseminated to all camp residents using variety of mediums.

 • Maintaining and strengthening key relationships with camp in order to ensure smooth communication, activity implementation, data collection, and community outreach.

 • Assisting HR and Safety teams in all matters relevant to the camp, such tracking absence/attendance sheet & any safety-security issues.

 • Interview with Media inside camp, only for camp management activities under supervision of Camp Management Coordinator.

 • Monitoring and supervision all officer and directly managing the distribution activity.

 • Oversee the archive and hand over all supplies, equipment and documents on closing day of the camp and inventory all camp management properties.

 • Facilitate to meet and coordinate NGOs and formal delegations; sharing camp information with BCF partners after Camp Management Coordinator’s approval.

 • Establish and facilitation of the camp council who are representative of camp population, with a specific technical support or cutting a cross agencies: Protection, shelter, WASH, etc and ensuring that representation takes into account persons of special needs – Elderly, Youth, Living with disabilities, etc.

 • Responsible for reporting any breach of CoC to HR department on time.

 • Supervising and truck expenditure of camp management budget component.

 • Comply with deadline and submit reports on time.

 • Any other tasks/responsibilities requested by line manager.


Requirements and Qualifications:

 • Bachelor degree in a relevant field.

 • Fluency in Kurdish, English and Arabic (written and oral).

 • Minimum of (2) years’ experience in management.

 • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

 • Able to proactively address potential issues.

 • Excellent computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook).

 • Collaborative working style and team-player attitude.

 • Able to work independently with little supervision.

 • Highly motivated with a strong work ethic.

 • Outstanding organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks.