Job Vacancy, Doctor

Job Information

Governorate: Erbil
Job Shift: Day
Nationality: Not Applicable
Working Hours: Full Time

No Of Jobs: 4
Published Date: 2019-1-1
Deadline Date: 2019-1-4

Duties & Responsibilities: Doctor
Direct Line Manager: Project manager
Location: (1 female, 1 male) Harsham Camp & (1 female, 1 male) Dibaga Camp  


Aim: Specific responsibilities vary greatly depending on the area of specialism. However, generic  duties of the job include:

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  •  Undertaking patient consultations and physical examinations

  •  Monitoring and administering medication

  •  Assessing and planning treatment requirements

  • Liaising daily with staff including other doctors, non-medical management staff and healthcare professionals.

  • Promoting health education

  • Conducting routine check-ups to patients to assess their health condition and discover possible issues

  • Giving appropriate advice for healthy habits (diet, hygiene etc.) and preventative actions to promote overall health

  • Conducting examinations to ill patients and evaluate symptoms to determine their condition

  • Ask intuitive questions to discover causes of illness.

  • Reach an informed diagnosis based on scientific knowledge and the patient’s medical history

  • Prescribe and interpret lab tests to obtain more information for underlying infections or abnormalities.

  • Prescribe medications or drugs and provide comprehensive instructions for administration

  • Collaborate with other physicians, physician assistants and nurses to form a high performing medical team.

  • Examine and provide treatments to injuries and refer patients to higher level of health care secondary and other physicians when needed (ophthalmologists, orthopaedists, neurologists etc.)

  • Data recording and Reporting to line manager on weekly and monthly bases.

  • Any other tasks/responsibilities requested by line manager.


Fluency in written and spoken English, Arabic and Kurdish.


700 $ USD

Notice: Those who cannot be shortlisted are:

1. Student

2. Public Servant


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