How to apply for volunteer work opportunities in BCF.

Volunteer’s Definition

A volunteer is a person that is willingly and freely ready to give for free his (skills, services, time) to the public interest. Volunteer work is for a purpose that the person who does it believes in and that purpose complies with the speech and the vision of BCF.


Volunteering Work

consists of the abilities presented by a group of people or a person for free as participation in strengthening the principles of humanitarian and collaboration spirit of the society.


Temporary Volunteer 

By a contract of three to six months between the volunteer and the human resources, the volunteer begins work with the foundation. This kind of volunteer attends work like the formal employees, going to work five days per week and working eight hours in the day. That’s why they go through the same recruitment process as the one of the employees. 

The temporary volunteer doesn’t receive monthly salary. They only receive payments for what costs them for going to the foundation and for returning to their staying place and that payment is allocated from the budget of the year put forward by the foundation. Their food and their circumstances will be as the ones of the employees during activities. After they complete (60)days without and mistakes, they will gain the right to receive a volunteer certificate that will be presented to them by the foundation in a ceremony. When the time of the contract is over, the volunteer is transferred to trained and fixed volunteers.


Fixed Term Volunteer 

BCF for responding to the crises in all cities and towns has trained volunteers. In their training, besides the principles of voluntary work. They are trained for responding to the crises and how to protect themselves and help people. This kind of volunteers are only called during necessity and when there are many activities in BCF. These kind of volunteers are divided to two primary parts: the first part participates in the activities by providing physical and practical assistance with their hands and equipment’s. The second part provides help in the activities and works by giving their thoughts and ideas, they help by counseling the foundation.

After training is given to the ready volunteers, the most active volunteer within the town or the city will be declared, a group of twenty volunteers will be prepared on how to deliver food, things and help. The foundation will take benefit from their abilities in necessary times but they will not have jobs as official employees. For each day of work they will receive 10, 000 ID as cost for their trips from and to the foundation, in addition to food which they will have as the rest of the employees. Humans resources department will give them volunteer certificates after they work for thirty days.


External Volunteer

The foundation will be supportive with people from outside KRG and Iraq performing volunteer work. Through an application for the volunteer, the foundation will assess the abilities, skills experience and the purpose of the volunteer. The volunteer will also have to present a (CBR) report to the foundation and after that a decision will be taken on whether he or she will be accepted or not. In some circumstances, if the foundation needs to, the foundation will pay the costs of flight ticket, a place for staying at and visa payments for the volunteers from outside the country.



Students in the final year of their study have conditions to receive a certificate, they will have to participate in summer training and they will be counted as student volunteers. BCF will not provide them with a salary or any help, they can only benefit of the free food they is provided to the employees. The human resources department will not present volunteer certificates for this kind of volunteers, but they will fill summer training document that is addressed to BCF by any side. After receiving an official application letter from the education center, the BCF has the right to investigate the matters related to morality of the student before responding to the letter. To make sure that the student is fit for working with the foundation.


Requirements  for Volunteering with BCF

  • legal age
  • having complete belief in volunteer work and teamwork.
  • The volunteer shouldn’t have done a previous defaming crime and shouldn’t have been jailed for immorality.
  • The volunteer shouldn’t have crimes of doing drugs and shouldn’t support terroristic groups and terrorism.
  • Should have a healthy psychology and be a calm person.
  • According to the laws of BCF, permanent volunteers shouldn’t have close relatives working in the foundation.

General Rights of Volunteers 

During work, the volunteer has equal rights like the employees.

  • Has the right to take sick leave and stay away from work during public holidays like the rest of the employees.
  • Has the right to participate in the activities, the conferences and the works of BCF.
  • Has the right to participate in the courses, trainings, workshops and field trainings of BCF.
  • When someone needs to be hired for a vacant position in the foundation, the volunteers have advance and privilege of five marks. 
  • Permanent and fixed volunteers will receive payment as appointed previously.

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