Barzani Charity Foundation Delivered (871) Tons of Assistance to Northern Syria

Since military operations increased in northeast Syria early in October, more than (200) thousand civilians have fled, (17) thousand sought refuge in the Kurdistan region. Since then, BCF with its partners and local benefactors sent (6) convoys of life-saving assistance to the displaced people in northern Syria including (food, households, family tents, blankets, sleeping mats, health kits).

New Displacement

Provision of the basic needs for the displaced people is the priority of humanitarian organizations because at times like that, what happens in northern Syria, humanitarian crisis and war crimes will be committed and the newly established camps cannot meet the requirements especially if it is in an unstable district.

As the conflict are ongoing in northern Syria, most of the NGOs left the area unwillingly to save their employees’ lives, and that made the situation worse for the displaced.

BCF to Deliver Humanitarian Assistance

BCF is one of the organizations that operate in the Kurdistan region and outside the region. From the beginning of the conflicts Aid and Relief Department of the BCF showed its readiness to assist the internally displaced persons (IDPs) inside Syria and addressed its teams to receive the new arrivals on the crossing borders between Syria and KRG to provide hot meals and settle them in the Bardarash and Gewilan refugee camps.

BCF’s immediate response to the crises made a campaign to provide assistance to the people of northern Syria whose majority were inhabited in school and hospital buildings. BCF was able to deliver very urgent needs to the displaced people in Syria in less than a week, and its teams were receiving others who tried to cross the border and reach out safety in the KRG.

Delivering Aids

The BCF sent its first convoy of humanitarian aids on October 15, 2019,  to Hassakah in northern Syria in which the majority of the displaced are sheltered. The assistance included (323) tons of (food, non-food items, health).

The BCF continued assisting the IDPs in northern Syria, util now, BCF delivered (6) convoys of humanitarian aids. The last 5 convoys consisted of (547) tons of assistance including (family tents, water filter, food, blankets, sleeping mats, winter clothes, kitchen kits).

6th Convoy of Aids

Regarding delivering the 6th convoy of humanitarian aids to northern Syria, Head of the Media and Research Department of BCF Rawaj Haji stated, “We as the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) managed to provide the very urgent life-saving needs to the displaced persons in northern Syria and we will be continuing to support and assist the vulnerable people of northern Syria, so we can reduce the level of disaster”.

The BCF’s 6th convoy of aids was (220) tons of (family tents, sleeping mats, water filters, winter clothes).

“Warshokani camp is now home for most of the IDPs in Syria. We have strived to provide basic needs for the camp residents to have an ordinary life environment,” said Mr. Haji Head of Media and Research Department.

Warshokani camp is established in Hassakah, northern Syria on November 1, 2019, and since then (470) IDP families are sheltered in this camp.

Edit: Dlshad Ali