429 Syrian Refugees Returning to Northern Syria

429 Syrian refugees residing in Bardarash refugee camp have begun returning to their hometowns in northern Syria following the lifting of curfew due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Bewar Karim, the camp manager, stated, “Some of the refugees who are returning to northern Syria are students who need to attend their final exams, some others return as it is the harvesting time now and need to go back to their hometown before getting sacked.”

“In some areas where the war has not broken out, the homes and livelihoods of its residents have not been restored, the refugees have returned to their normal lives,” Karim added.

This is the second batch of refugees to return to their hometowns in northern Syria from Bardarash camp, between October 16, 2019, and March 1, 2020 ( before the curfew) at least 850 refugees returned. The return of the refugees is expected to be continued in the coming days for different reasons.