Management Staff​

President of BCF

Musa Ahmad

President of BCF

Vice President of BCF

Ibrahim Samin

Vice President of BCF

Administrative Board Members

Awat Ahmed

Administrative Board Member​

Abdulwahid Amin

Administrative Board Member​ and Duhok Office Manager

Ways Jalil

Administrative Board Member

Ismail Abudlaziz

Administrative Board Member

Karzan Nuri

Administrative Board Member​ and Erbil Office Manager

Rawaj Haji

Administrative Board Member​ and Manager of Human Resources Dep.

Heads of Departments

Omar Ahmad

Manager of Orphan & Widow care Dep.

Rizgar Obed

Manager of Supply Chain Dep.

Rondik Fars

Manager of Finance Dep.

Eskandar Salih

Manager of Monitoring & Evaluation Dep.

Soran khalaf

Manager of Public Relation & Media

Heads of Offices

Peer Dian Jahfer

Shingal Office Director

Asma Hassan

Ninevah Office Director

Rebwar Mihyaddin

Kirkuk Office Director

Srwa Salih

Slemani Office Director

Karzan Salam

Halabja Office Director