Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) Calls On Urgent Assistance for the People of North Syria

BCF announces a statement to deliver assistance for the people of North Syria, who are in a desperate humanitarian situation. The following is the content of the BCF’s statement:

The people of North Syria are in dare humanitarian situation, hundreds of thousands of the civils’ lives, women and children mostly, are threatened and they are forced to flee their homes. We hope to put an end to the war and violence as soon as possible. In addition, we as BCF, are fully ready and prepared our emergency teams to deliver urgent humanitarian needs for the people of North Syria. Also, we call upon all the people in Kurdistan and the international humanitarian organizations to support and coordinate with the BCF, in order to provide assistance and reduce the sorrows of the civil people in North Syria, as they did in the past in support of displaced people and refugees. Further, we ask the administrations of North Syria to help and pave the way for the BCF teams to deliver the aids.

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF)
October 12, 2019