Distribution of 420 Housing Units to Honored Families of Martyrs

In a ceremony held in Duhok on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, H.E. Masrour Barzani, the KRG Prime Minister and Head of the Founding Board of the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF), distributed the keys to 420 housing units to the families of martyrs.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in tribute to the martyrs and then a video screening of 16 years of activities of the BCF in various sectors in the Kurdistan Region, Iraqi provinces and abroad. 

Mr Musa Ahmad, President of the BCF, delivered a speech at the ceremony, thanking the Kurdistan Region businesses and companies who have always supported the BCF in its projects. “Today we are proud to serve the honored families of the martyrs,” he said. 

The president of the BCF said that in all their meetings with the head of the founding board of the BCF, they have been instructed to better serve the honorable families of the martyrs.

He noted that the process of distributing the 420 housing units passed through five filters and prioritized the families that have young children and live in rental houses.

H.E. Masrour Barzani then delivered a speech in which he paid tribute to the proud families of the martyrs. He also referred to the service of the Kurdish legendary leader Mustafa Barzani for his nation, saying “Immortal Barzani, our pride and national father, devoted his entire life to the service of his people and freedom for all nations. Since we owed a debt of gratitude to him and to serve the families of the martyrs and the poor people, we established the Barzani Charity Foundation after consulting with the President [Masoud Barzani] and by his command.”

Mr. Masrour Barzani said that the BCF has gained the trust of local communities, Iraqi provinces and has become an international organization, recognized by the United Nations. He thanked the private sector and all companies, investors and local business people who have supported the projects of the BCF. He thanked the BCF employees and president for their tireless efforts to help the vulnerable and carry out vital aid projects. He wished them continued success and progress.

He stressed that martyrs are the highest and greatest rank and no one should make a distinction between them. He added that the number of families of martyrs who have been selected, “was on the basis of who needs it more than others. 

Afterwards, Mr Barzani distributed the keys to the housing units to the honored families of the martyrs.

It is worth mentioning that the construction of 420 housing units in Roj City in the center of Duhok province took two years and is considered the largest project ever built for the proud families of martyrs. The project cost $29,400,000. 1758 people have benefited from it, including the martyrs of the following regions:

Duhok Center: 80 families.

Zakho: 75 families.

Amedi: 61 families.

Sheikhan and surroundings: 44 families.

Akre and Bardarash: 92 families