Barzani Charity Foundation provides assistance to the victims of Kalar

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) teams arrived in Kalar with food and none food aids on February 17, 2024 after heavy rains and rising water levels. On this occasion, Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation, said in a press conference that in disasters, whether natural disasters, or as a result of war, the teams of Barzani Charity Foundation quickly provide humanitarian assistance and relief to the victims.
Regarding the delivery of aid to the affected people of Kalar and Razgari district, he said: “The teams of Barzani Charity Foundation have come to the aid of the citizens of Kalar since the beginning of the situation and now, in coordination with the relevant parties in the Garmian Autonomous Administration, they are preparing to be at their service.. Currently, 300 families have been provided with their needs for a month.”
As the head of Barzani Charity Foundation mentioned, the aid for each family includes:
Clothing package containing 8 items.
Food parcel containing 11 items.
Kitchen utensils containing 12 items.
5 blankets, 5 mattresses, 1 oil stove, 1 stove and other items sent to Kalar.