A seminar for women will be held at Barzani Charity Foundation

Ms. Chnar Sami, a medical employee at Barzani Charity Foundation, said: “May 28 annually has been designated as World Women’s Health Day since 2011. On this day, at the Presidency of Barzani Charity Foundation, Dr. Hiran Salam, presented a health awareness and prevention seminar for women employees of the Presidency of Barzani Charity Foundation and Erbil Office. She highlighted the measures to protect health and prevent the use of the useless drugs that are harmful to women’s health and have no scientific basis and are imported only for business.”
Ms. Chnar Sami said that “Barzani Charity Foundation is working on the health sector in general and seriously. On this International Women’s Health Day, we thought it necessary to organize this seminar. Finally, considering that most women are currently suffering from hair loss, after research and investigation we provided the best original anti-hair loss shampoo for the seminar participants, along with a face mask and lip cream that is prone to peeling and drying this season.” She also claimed: “We ask women to pay full attention to their health and avoid the use of drugs that are harmful to their health”.