Third Capacity Building Camp for NGOs in Kurdistan

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) and Rwanga Foundation under the supervision of the Department of NGOs, Kurdistan Regional Government, brought together 60 participants in 16 local NGOs in 6 days of camping from 30/04/2019 until 06/05/2019.

Participants spent 6 days under tents in the nature of Kurdistan, 3 lessons per day, and visiting historical places around the Barzan district was arranged for the participants by the camp management.

The camping aimed to make a better connection among the NGO members, enhance their capacity, and show them the beautiful nature of Kurdistan.

Local NGOs which participated in the 3rd capacity building camping were, Civil Development Organization (CDO), Halabja Network, Harikar, Nishtiman Youth Network (NYN), Public Aid Organization (PAO), Qandil, Rehabilitation Education and Community Health (REACH), Duhok- Board of Relief and Humanities Affairs (BRHA), ABI, Boniad Organization, OTAR, Roshna Health Organization, Kurds Organization, Halabja Chemical Victims Society, Iraqi Red Crescent Society-Erbil (IRCS), Joint Crisis Coordination (JCC).

Besides attending three lectures per day, the participants were experiencing a hard and tough life in the tents. The aim behind showing them this way of life was to be aware of the living condition of the people who flee their places because of natural diseases or conflicts.

The lectures presented in the 3rd Capacity Building Camp were, (First Aid by Sa’dullah Tahir, Project Management by Nizar Ali, Body Language by Dr. Fazil Jaff, Monitoring and Evaluation by Hogir Chato, Importance of Researching after the Crisis by Awat Ahmad, Strategic Planning by Dr. Shirko Jawdat- conclusion Farhad Sami, Relations and Diplomacy by Hemn Hawrami, Sample of Successful Non-Profit Organizations by Dr. Hezha Sindi, Human Rights and Refugee Rights by Dr. Krmanj Osman, Leadership by Abdulsalam Madani, Team Working by Karzan Noori).

During the 3rd Capacity Building Camp the students visited some ancient and historical places in the history of Kurdistan as follows;

(Ancient Mosque of Barzan, Tomb of Barzan Anfal, Immortal Barzani’s Tomb, Shanidar Cave, Bedial Village of Christians in Barzan).

In order to explain the living system in the camp, Rawaj Haji, Manager of the 3rd Capacity Building Camp of BCF, said, “Every day, the participants must wake up at a particular time, and start their morning exercise for one hour. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath, and washing clothes have been scheduled for the participants. Daily tasks divided among the group, each group responsible for something, every day the tasks were updated by the camp management. Lectures start on time, and after finishing the obligatory and enjoyment activities the participants are addressed to go to bed in order to be ready and well prepared for the next day’s activities.”

According to the goals of the camping, “Here, this camp’s goal is to gather the NGOs together in order to get to know each other and make good networking among the local NGOs. Further, to show them new life experience, enrich their capacity, team working, and to become a connection bridge for more partnership projects within the local NGOs,” said Rawaj Haji.

It is worth to mention that previously, BCF had held two different capacity building campings for its employees. In the third camp, BCF in coordination with Rwanga and supervision of the Department of NGOs, Kurdistan Regional Government, brought numerous NGOs together in order to exchange their ideas and work experience. As the Head of BCF and Chief Executive Director of Rwanga claimed, they will hold more campings like that for NGOs in the future.