Britain Grants Official Working Licenses to the Barzani Charity Foundation

The Barzani Charity Foundation issues a statement on the granting of formal work licenses by the Charity Organizations’ Commission in Britain as follows:

In the context of its importance to the international positions and the strengthening of relations between international organizations and the foundation, BCF has been able to become a well-known name at the international level with thorough planning. Now, BCF as a Kurdish and national organization has a strong domestic influence at the internal and international levels.

BCF’s working strategy in a region full of challenges and strife following the international standards and without (nation, religion and political ideology) distinction, has made its place to focus on the organization and the international agencies. In the latest achievement, BCF obtained official licenses by the Charity Organizations’ Commission in Britain.

BCF strives to serve the Kurdish community in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Besides, through the support and cooperation of the Kurds abroad, BCF can better serve the Kurds in all cities and regions of the Kurdistan Region and around the world.

With the obtaining of an official working license in the United States, the United Kingdom, and members of the UN’s ECOSOC, BCF will be able to provide better assistance to the refugees and IDPs across the Kurdistan and the people of the Kurdistan Region in general.

On this occasion, we congratulate the people of Kurdistan and our friends in the world.

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF)
April 13, 2020