BCF participates in the annual conference on the role of NGOs in restoring stability

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) participated in the first annual conference on the role of the non-governmental organization in restoring stability in the war affected areas in Iraq. The conference, entitled “the role of civil society organizations in restoring stability” organized in Erbil under the auspices of the NGO Directorate in the Kurdistan Regional Government and Al-Khanjar Development Foundation.

The conference was held on July 30, 2018, in which a large group of NGOs participated and exchanged views on some issues related to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the returnees.

The BCF contributed to the conference by presenting an account on the possible ways that can be employed to assist the returnees, presenting statistics on returnees and possible ways to help them achieve stability. During his presentation, Mr Wais Jalil, the BCF representative presented a detailed report to the audience, focusing on the city of Mosul. After the terrorist organizations entered it, they destroyed it. The destruction also included the various sectors of education, health, municipalities, cultural heritage of the city.

Mr Jalil also gave an accurate statistic on the number of displaced people who left the camps and returned to the outskirts of Mosul but were unable to lead a normal life due to the difficult conditions they faced in the city resulting from lack of basic services and basic means of subsistence. The percentage of those who returned to the camps after returning to the city reaches 68%.

Many organizations participated in the conference, including Qandil, Rwanga Foundation, UNFPA, ETTC and NDI. They also spoke on different topics concerning youth and women. At the end of the conference, they made a number of recommendations to the concerned authorities to support the IDPs and returnees.