Barzani Charity Foundation to Provide Drinking Water for 21 Thousand Families in Erbil

In a press conference on July 6, 2021, the BCF announced a campaign to provide drinking water for the neighbourhoods that are facing water shortage in Erbil province, “The water distribution campaign will continue for one month,” said the BCF President Musa Ahmad.

In addition, Mr. Ahmad noted, “Every year, the BCF announces drinking water distribution campaign in the summer to deliver water to areas in Erbil that have been recently suffering from water shortage. Our plan is to deliver water for 21 thousand families for one month.”

There have always been water problems in Erbil Province in the summer, almost every year.

“We will do everything in our capacity to serve our people in crisis without discrimination. We are ready to help vulnerable populations wherever it requires,” he added.

The BCF donated a budget of 85 million Iraqi Dinners for logistics, transportations and administrations for this campaign.