Inauguration of a Dental Clinic in Hassan Sham Camp

Barzani Charity Foundation, in coordination with One World Medical Mission, opened a dental clinic in Hassan Sham U3 camp, on August 7, 2019.

The clinic will provide dental care for the camp residents for two months. In a ceremony, with the presence of the camp administrations and the head of the Erbil office of BCF, the clinic opened to serve the IDPs in the camp.

The camps were lack of dental clinic, the patients must have fled to Erbil or Mosul to get treatments. With this clinic in the camp, many people will be benefited from medical services.

The health sector is one of the main sectors that have to be more enhanced inside the camps. BCF oversees two health centers in Khazir and Hassan Sham camps which are sponsored by the state of Kuwait. Every day, 27 doctors and medical staff, in the two clinics, are receiving over 150 patients inside the camp to get medical treatments.

The health sector of BCF, in partnership with LDS Charities, provides medical supplies and services for the four refugee camps in Erbil province for one year.