Barzani Charity Foundation Buys (210) Tons of Tomato Products from Local Farmers

In a project to support local farmers and ministry of agriculture from Kurdistan Regional Government, BCF decided to buy (30) tons of tomato products every day for seven days in Duhok province and distribute to the IDPs and refugees at camps.

BCF launched a project to buy tomato products on July 7, 2020, in Duhok province. After the local farmers were not able to find a buyer for their tomato products in Kurdistan Region, BCF announced the project to buy (210) tons of tomato and distributed to IDPs and refugees.

Head of BCF office in Duhok Abdulwahid Ameen said the project will be implemented in (Duhok, Semel, Zaxo, Akre, Shekhan, Bardarash), and the total budget donated for this project is (650) million Iraqi dinars.

BCF has carried out several projects in the past years for farmers in the Kurdistan Region, providing agricultural equipment and equipment use courses for farmers. Also, assisting farmers in their annual harvest.