Musa Ahmed: We Will Continue to Provide Aid to the People of Sinjar

Mahma Khalil, the Mayor of Sinjar (Shingal), and town officials visited the BCF headquarters to meet with the Head of the BCF on February 3, 2021.

Mr. Khalil admired the BCF’s charitable work and services provided to the people of Sinjar. The delegation from Sinjar presented a recognition on behalf of the people of Sinjar and welcomed the BCF to continue implementing vast, effective projects in the future.

“The BCF is committed to assist people in need indiscriminately, wherever they are,” declared by Musa Ahmed, the Head of the BCF.

Mr. Ahmad reaffirmed the BCF’s support for the people of Sinjar and stated, “We will continue our aid to the people of Sinjar. After the many tragedies in Sinjar, we immediately began our duty to help the people of Sinjar.”

The BCF works constantly to call upon all international NGOs to support the people of Sinjar in all sectors.