The Barzani Charity Foundation is participating in a job Vacancy presentment

The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) on Monday 25th of October 2023 participated in a job vacancy presentment in Erbil polytechnical university.
the presentment was held by Erbil polytechnical university with the partnership of world food programme (WFP) in which more than 25 companies and foundations from local and global ones took a place in the presentment.
The presentment opened with the presence of their Messer agent of the minister of higher education and scientific researches, the dean of the polytechnical university, Erbil’s conservative, the manager of the Barzani charity foundation-Erbil office and the representative of the companies and foundations.
The aim of the presentment was for providing an opportunity for the students to have a chance to get in touch with the companies and foundations for the purpose of having or finding a job vacancy and get involved in the business sector