Barzani Charity Foundation sends humanitarian aid to Palestine

In a press conference held on November 22, 2023 at the Presidency of Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) in the presence of the President of Barzani Charity Foundation and the Consul General of Palestine in Erbil, the decision to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people was announced.
First In his speech to the media, Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation, expressed his condolences to the Palestinian people and the Palestinian Consul General in Erbil and then he claimed “On behalf of the employees of the Barzani Charity Foundation, on behalf of the Kurdish people, on behalf of the Chairman of the Founding Board of the Barzani Charity Foundation and especially on behalf of President Barzani, We extend our condolences to you, the Palestinian people and the victims of this tragedy.” He wished a speedy recovery to the injured people and wished “peace and unity to prevail in the region and the whole world”. And also, he said: “The Barzani Charity Foundation represents the humanitarian cause in Kurdistan and is a member of the UN Social and Economic Council, Therefore, in every humanitarian field in the region, in addition to the expectation of help from victims and entire Kurdish people, he has also tried to find a way to spread the humanitarian message that the Kurdish people have been known for throughout history and deliver it to its place. and represent Kurdistan for these humanitarian issues. Therefore, on October 18 and earlier, we have had contacts with the Palestinian Ambassador, the relevant parties and our partner organizations, how we can coordinate and assist and what is needed to provide to the affected people. President Barzani has always emphasized that we should be at the heart of events so that we can serve those who need to.” The President of Barzani Charity Foundation thanked the staff of the foundation and said: “In the event of disasters, both natural and artificial such as wars, the teams of Barzani Charity Foundation were proudly present with the support of the people of the Kurdistan Region and They are still willingly competing for service in this field.”
The types of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza are:
14 tons of medicines and medical supplies, 2,500 food parcels, 200 cleaning cartons and 400 large cartons of clothes
According to the head of the Barzani Charity Foundation, the aid will be sent to Gaza by air from (Egypt airport).
Mr. Musa Ahmad stressed that they have made every effort to ensure that the teams of the Barzani Charity Foundation are present in the field at the scene of the disaster to provide services and emergency work. He said the door of aid will be open to provide more humanitarian aid to the victims of the war in Palestine.
Then Mr. Nadhmi Huzuri, Consul General of Palestine in Erbil and Acting Ambassador of Palestine to Iraq, in his speech to the media, first sent “peace and immortality to the soul of Mullah Mustafa Barzani” and praised the role of Barzani Charity Foundation in the humanitarian aid campaign and expressed his opinion on the campaign to send aid to the Palestinian people said “What brings us together on this day and in this place, with the message of the late Mullah Mustafa Barzani, is the name of the Barzani Foundation and Barzani Charity Foundation. It is not uncommon for the Kurds to extend a helping hand to the Palestinian people and their children, especially at this stage when our people are facing Israeli occupation and aggression There are cities and settlements in the Gaza Strip, as there are in the Palestinian territories. As a result, thousands of Palestinians have been killed, wounded, and displaced. Two and a half million Palestinians are facing hunger and thirst and the lack of medical supplies and necessities of life. The doctors are suffering, like the civil defense men and like all the sons of the Palestinian people. For my part, I spoke to Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of the Barzani Charity Foundation, and said: “If an earthquake occurs in a country, countries rush to provide all assistance to remove the debris caused by the earthquake Palestinian children are removing the waste with their own hands to look for their parents, brothers and sisters, just as a father looks for his family, or a mother looks for her children, and from what we see we know that They support further violence against the Palestinian people.
In this regard, we would like to thank the Barzani Charity Foundation for the support that we have seen an example of, with its great ability and as we have heard, they have sent help several times to our Palestinian children whom are suffering in exile as a result of the destruction of their homes. They are now in camps and schools, schools under the UN flag, but this flag could not protect Palestinian children and families, but many schools were targeted and destroyed. Several water wells were also targeted and some families had not drunk a drop of water for several days.
Today we turn to our people and say: You are not alone, our Palestinian sons and the people of Gaza. Today, this great donation from the Barzani Charity Foundation is a voice in Kurdistan saying: We are with you and you will not be alone. Therefore, on behalf of the Palestinian people in Gaza, on behalf of the Palestinian leadership and on behalf of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, we express our gratitude to you for your warm support and positions Justice and the rights of the Palestinian people, this was the words of President Nechirvan Barzani who said: “The Palestinian people have the right to have a country.”