200 Hearing Devices Provided to sulaimani Health Department

Barzani Charity Foundation and in cooperation with Norwegian organization MAIN within a joint project, provided 200 hearing devices to The Directorate General of Health in Sulaimani . 

On 3 Nov 2021,  as part of the Health Sector of BCF and with the purpose of further serving the health department in KRG. In a new project and in cooperation with Norwegian organization MAIN , 200 hearing devices were provided to The General Directorate of Health in Sulaimani. 

In a meeting between them Srwa Mustafa, manager of BCF’s office in Sulaimani and Dr.Hersh Salim, Deputy General Director of health department in Sulaimani and the representative of Norwegian organization MAIN, they shed light on greater concern for health department and further cooperation between the health department and the international foundations and organizations. with the purpose of providing better services for the public and the components of the society, also to ensure a better health for everyone.     

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