Erbil… The Ceremony of Presenting Awards to 26 Dear Students

On 9 OCT 2021 in Erbil, in the presence of the respected Omed Xoshnaw the governor of Erbil, Ahmed AL Dhaheri Consul General of UAE in in the Kurdistan Region and a number of company owners, presidents of Universities, and School Principals, the ceremony of presenting awards to 26 students from (Erbil, Duhok, Sulaimani, Halabja, Kirkuk and Garmiyan) took place. Those students were the ones that got the highest marks in the 12th class, the highest marks in the Kurdistan Region.

The BCF President: we made efforts to become a bridge between the countries providing aid and business owners, for the components of our society to be beneficiaries.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the respected Mr. Musa Ahmad warmly welcomed the guests and announced: In the name of the BCF, the wealthy ones, the Emirates Red Crescent and the charitable ones with all our hearts we congratulate the dear students and their families. They made us happy and we wish prosperity for you.

The BCF has always considered themselves servants of humanity and has always tried to be a strong bridge between the countries providing aid and the wealthy ones for the components of the society to be beneficiaries. We are proud of the fact that our work and activities have been in various fields, especially the education sector and the healthcare sector for they are the bases of the development of any society. Humans always need and depend on these two fields.

The BCF President also announced: The Orphan Care Project, until now sixteen thousand have benefited from this project. We have with total indiscrimination served and provided aid to the families that have lost the father and they need someone to take care of theme, the BCF will be their father and fill the void of not having a father. Since 2011 until now, 58 million dollars of cash assistance have been presented to the lovely dears that take part in this project. We promise these successful dears that we will be with them and support them like we have been doing in the past, until they finish all education levels and have a job of their own.

Consul General of UAE: we congratulate the 26 dear students and we hope that they will become important personalities in their society.

In the ceremony the respected Ahmed Aldhaheri, the Consul General of UAE gave a speech and announced: in the beginning we warmly congratulate these dears and their families and we sincerely thank the BCF for their essential cooperation in this project with the Emirates Red Crescent, we express our gratitude to them. This project was successful and God willing, in the future we will continue with this respected foundation and have greater success. It’s also our purpose to provide job opportunities for these dears with the help of the Kurdistan Regional Government, after they complete their education. We also see how the President Masoud Barzani and his Excellency Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, they always mention the dears(orphans) in the important occasions and they recognize and respect the services of the UAE in the Kurdistan Region, we sincerely respect that. God willing, in the future we will have more projects with the BCF. In the End, we sincerely congratulate these 26 dear students, we hope that they will always be successful and become important personalities in their society.

Erbil Governor: We are pleased to see our Dears (orphans) with their efforts, determination and persistence being successful in their learning process.

In the ceremony of presenting gifts to the successful students, the respected Mr. Omed Xoshnaw, the Erbil Governor gave a speech and said: in addition to our congratulations to the students and their families, we hope for them to continue and to be successful. we hope for them to get better marks in the upcoming years and to become examples and bright stars in the scientific field of the Kurdistan Region. Today was a great day, not only to them but for us as well, seeing our dears (orphans) being successful and getting high marks in their learning process with their efforts, persistence and determination. Thanks to the BCF for all the works and the projects that they do, especially the Orphan Care Project. Also thanks to the Consulate General of UAE and the Emirates Red Crescent for their cooperation with the BCF in arranging this Orphan Care project.