On the Occasion of Mawlid Al Nabawi, Assistance Provided to 500 Families

On the occasion of commemorating the birth of Prophet of Islam Muhammad PBUH, Mawlid Al Nabawi, the BCF on a yearly basis arranges charity projects and respects the occasion.

On 18 OCT 2021 in Erbil and on the occasion of commemorating the birth of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad PBUH, the BCF in a project on this occasion, provided aid of chicken and sweets for 500 low income families. Concerning that Mr. Ismail Abdulaziz, the head of the department of Aid and Relief in the BCF announced: in the name of the BCF, on this blessed occasion we congratulate all the Muslim.  around the world and in Kurdistan Region. At the same time, every year on this occasion the BCF arranges charity projects and this year in Erbil we have provided aid to 500 families and for each family (two chickens and a case of sweets).  

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