Food and kerosene were provided to 2145 households affected by flood

BCF with funding from a number of charitable organizations and individuals, provided basic needs such as kerosene and food boxes to the vulnerable population of Erbil in Roshnbiri, Grd Jotyar, Hiran City, SarKarez, and Qatawi neighborhoods as well as Daratu and Qushtapa Districts that were affected by the flood. Each vulnerable family received 100 liters of kerosene and 2 food boxes.
In 23/12/2021, after the flood incident in Erbil that affected several neighborhoods, districts, and had a lot of spiritual and material damage, the BCF teams started delivering its support through providing hot meals, taking a census, and cleaning the houses in cooperation with Erbil Joint Crisis Coordination Center(EJCC) and governmental foundations. Hot meal was distributed 3 meals a day among the vulnerable population for three days.
Under this framework, kerosene and food boxes were distributed in 23/12/2021 among 2145 families who were affected by the flood in the neighborhoods and districts.
This initiative carried out by BCF with the support of Erbil Governorate, Rwanga Foundation, charitable companies & individuals, and Emirates Red Crescent.
Musa Ahmed, the BCF president, stated that “we see it as a priority to provide emergency assistance to the families that are affected by the natural flood. From the first day, we were coordinating with the Erbil Governorate and other stakeholders to deliver assistance to the neighborhoods that are affected by the flood as soon as possible, so, we were providing hot meal three meals a day for 3 days in the affected neighborhoods.”
After this this process, and in coordination with Erbil Joint Crisis Coordination Center(EJCC) and other administration units, the enrollment of the affected houses and streets from the remnant of the flood had started. The president of the foundation has also alleged that “the first stage of delivering assistance was through emergency support, but the next stage will be providing basic house needs, and this is in support of the Erbil Governorate, Rwanga Foundation, Emirates Red Crescent, and several charitable companies & individuals. The method of the distribution was through providing 100 liters of kerosene and two food boxes to each vulnerable household.